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hockey and polygamous cults

I was asked commanded by my Canadian coworker to watch the Oilers/Hurricanes playoff hockey game this weekend. I tried, but it was sooo boring. Nobody even scored for the first hour. Lots of slamming each other into the wall, though, which was probably the most interesting thing about the game. I’m just not a team sports person.

She also instructed ordered me to cheer for the Canadian team (Oilers). At first I thought that might make me a traitor, but then all hockey teams are made up of primarily Canadians, so no matter who you cheer for, really, you are cheering for Canada. After an hour of no points, I didn’t care who scored as long as somebody did. I tivoed it, so I ended up fast forwarding through most of it. (Oilers won, btw.)

My Canadian friend and I both want to marry the hockey player, Teemu Selanne. Seeing as how we are both already married and do not want to give up our current husbands, she came up with the idea of moving to Utah and starting a polygamous cult. And what an excellent idea it is. I'm in. Perhaps we can combine our polygamous cult with the anti-terrorist terrorist faction we are also starting.

Ah, so little time, so much to do.

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