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what will whole months of tears thy father's eyes

I realized this year how much it means to me to at least have Father’s Day to celebrate. To go back to the house and neighborhood where I grew up; to have that ritual left intact when so many others have been forcibly ripped away from me by death.

Scott and Ashlee spent Father’s Day weekend in the desert with his dad, and my sister’s family and I went to lunch at Soup Plantation with my dad. Kylie was very well behaved, but she did walk into the restaurant and very loudly proclaim how yucky all the food was there. And she did sit directly across from me and immediately say something with a mouthful of food, a small part of which went flying into my plate, landing invisibly and unretrievably there before I even had a chance to take one bite. That is the last time I will sit directly across from anyone under the age of 10. Or maybe 16. We’ll see. I love children, but they are so very gross.

I got my dad a gift certificate to Carrow’s Restaurant because he likes to have breakfast there. I left soon after lunch because I was still not feeling well that weekend, but I was glad to have that time together.

(Title quote is by Shakespeare.)

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