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Chuck E. Cheese and the Order of the Phoenix

Today was Kylie's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (a kid's place with arcade games, really bad pizza, and some poor guy who walks around in a giant mouse costume which actually looks more like a rat). They do this show where Chuck E. Cheese (the giant rat-mouse) dances around, and Kylie was cracking me up.

At first she just stood there watching him, opened-mouthed with this entranced stare. (Whenever she is watching something intently, she will go into this zombie-like state where her body goes somewhat limp and her face is completely slack. I see her do it a lot when she's watching videos.) Then when her mom got up and started dancing along, Kylie began to dance, too, and got really into it, kicking her legs out and flinging her head around. She reminded me of a very tiny 60's go-go dancer. We should really get her into some dance lessons because I think that kid is a natural.

Scott and I sat with my dad and ate pizza, played some space invaders and skeet ball, and then bailed before the kids got too raucous.

This evening after it cooled down a little, Scott and I took about a 40-minute walk and listened to the last and 23rd disc of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, sharing the ear pieces so that we each had one ear hooked up. I had read the book but wanted a refresher before we go to see the movie. I was also thrilled to find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sitting on my doorstep when I walked outside this morning, so I've been reading that as well, although I want to take my time and not rush through it. (Please be advised that if you post any comments to this entry that give away the plot, I will hunt you down and kill you--I take my Harry Potter very seriously.)

I also made some chocolate chip cookies today using the tollhouse recipe but with double the chocolate chips.

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