September 14th, 2006

jury duty

on my handheld. at jury duty. not happy.

time consuming to type w/a little stick and i keep accidentally erasing everything.

i try to dress white trash in hopes of discouraging lawywers from picking me. wore my black tee w/a band name. but then the only good sized tote i have has kittens on it and my sweatshirt is disney so that kind of ruins the look i am going for.



have not been called to a courtroom yet. so far so good.

an employee here said on one of the announcements "i know you are all anxious to be assigned a courtroom."

they have a "quiet room" here w/couches. i have been napping. sweet.


So I did not get picked or even called into a courtroom. That whole process stresses me out and makes me nervous. First there's the fact that I have to call in for 5 days and never know if I'm going in or not. Then it's in a section of town that can only be described as an armpit. Not to mention that being forced to do something under threat of incarceration doesn't seem very "land of the free" to me.