February 25th, 2007

guess who i slept with last night

So last night I slept with Charles. He's extremely cute, but somewhat smelly. Drools a lot, too, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Last night, Ashlee and Scott came over, and we ate at Lucille's, then came back home and watched the last episode of The O.C. (sob!) and played some Apples to Apples. As they were leaving, there was a dog with a jacket on wandering down the street.

I took it door to door but nobody had seen him before, and his tags were for a vet in West Hollywood with no owner info. Of course, the vet was closed until Monday. A neighbor who had dogs was nice enough to give me some dog food.

Charles seemed old and scared and was very sweet, so he and I slept in Ashlee's room while Chloe and Scott slept in the other bedroom. Every time I went a few feet, he was right there following my every move. I tried to limit his access to the house, though, as I was afraid of Chloe spraying.

The next day, a woman put out flyers - turned out she was visiting her brother who lives on my block, which was why nobody knew the dog. Her and her brother were both out last night and didn't know he had gotten out. He's a rescue dog she was fostering and thinking about adopting, so that's why he didn't have any owner info on his tag.

I guess her 3-year-old was devasted that he was missing and the woman seemed like she had really fallen in love with the dog, too, so I'm pretty sure she'll end up adopting, which is nice for Charles. She kept thanking me for taking care of him over and over again - really sweet lady. Then her brother came by and thanked me again.

I had actually just dropped Charles off for a bath when the neighbor boys (whose family had given me the dog food) came over with the flyer. Ironically, Charle's was scheduled to be groomed and implanted with a microchip today, and the appointment had to be canceled. The foster mom ended up picking him up, and I didn't have to pay for the bath (although it would have been worth the money if I had to sleep with him another night).

I had to wash all my blankets and pajamas. I'm used to cats now and forgot how gross dogs can be. Charles is back with his foster family, and I'm going to sleep in my own bed with my little, mean, but very clean kitty. Still, I kinda miss Charles, stinky drooler that he was.