July 15th, 2007

lunch and dinner

So today was nice. Dad and I went to the Corner Bakery. He stocked up on lunch food, and I divided everything into labeled tupperware for him when we got home.

While I was doing that, an old friend of dad's called. I remembered him from the 70s. He's now in his 70s and going out with a woman who looks to be in her 30s, although it's possible she's in her 40s and is just one of those people who ages very well (dad had a picture of her on a tape she had made). Dad said he was surprised they were still together because his friend never did keep women for very long, but he also said when you're old and you find a good woman, you'd better hold on to her.

Scott went to the desert to see his dad and got back this afternoon. Then Scott and I, Joanna, Ashlee, Ashlee's Scott, and Angus went to dinner at Lucille's. I guess Angus had never had BBQ before, so Ashlee and Scott wanted him to experience it. It was a nice time even though I literally can only hear about 50% of the conversation at Lucille's because it's so loud in there.

Angus turned out to be a calm sort of person and not at all a madman like I had previously been led to believe. He grew up on an island with a population of less than 150 people where they speak gaelic. This was his first time out of Scotland, and he traveled the day those two wannabe terrorists tried to blow up part of Glasgow airport. When he landed, airport security led him off to a little room and questioned him for over an hour. Welcome to America.

Ashlee and Scott have been taking him all around - Havasu, Disneyland, the Orange County Fair, an Angel's game - so hopefully he will have fond memories of this place when he leaves despite the airport incident.

I fancy myself a creative sort of person, so why is "lunch and dinner" the best subject line I could think of for this post?