July 16th, 2007

crashing calicos

My cat doesn't know she's a cat. She stands on the ground and cries to get up on things that she could jump twice the height of. We are not going to tell her she's a cat because we don't want her to jump on things.

She has, however, figured out a very complicated way of getting on top of the bathroom cabinet - floor, to toliet, to a very delicate balancing act on a towel rod, to the the flat panel that holds the shower sliding glass doors, across the entire length of the shower doors, to the cabinet. Keep in mind, it would be an easy and much less complex route to simply jump on the bathroom counter and then the cabinet, but for some reason, she likes to take the long way.

Last night after my shower, I left her up there and turned off the lights thinking - she's a cat, she can easily get down. My husband, Scott, was already asleep in our bedroom, which the bathroom opens up to. We have a business behind our house, and there is always a little bit of light coming into our bedroom from there, so it's never pitch black in the bedroom or the bathroom.

About 5 minutes after I left the room, I hear this crashing sound - BLAM BLAM BLAM - but it just keeps going on and on. I run into the bathroom to discover that she decided to take the shower rail route to get down from the cabinet, and in the process, her hind legs slipped off. She was hanging on to this slick, metal rail with her front paws and flailing with her hind quarters against the shower doors - hence the crashing sound.

This was all told to me by Scott, who was standing in the bathroom, bleary-eyed and in his underwear, holding the cat.