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Scott has been working 12+ hour days. By 6pm his eyes are all bloodshot. His work is just crazy right now.

It turns out I did not break the shower enclosure after all - those cracks in the fiberglass were already there (and they don't go all the way through). Major sigh of relief.

Went to another move screening Wednesday night. Toni went with me, and I was glad we could do something fun together after the horrible day she had Tuesday when she had to put her cat down.

By some odd coincidence, Chris Pine, the leading man from the last screening we went to, was the leading man in this movie as well. He is relatively unknown right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be the next hot commodity in Hollywood after his exposure is upped by these upcoming movies. He’s young, likeable, and good-looking. Not my type, but he’ll definitely have the teeny-boppers lusting after him.

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