heart monitor/ashlee's beau

There’s nothing like an electrode stuck to your chest to complete your fashion ensemble.

I got my heart monitor yesterday and had it taken off this afternoon. I was hooked up to 5 electrodes – 2 attached to either side on my ribs and 3 down the middle of my upper chest, with a small monitor clipped onto my belt. I felt like Frankenstein’s Bride or something. Of course, I did not have any heart palpitations while wearing it. DanG it.

Ashlee’s new favorite phrase is dang it, with a heavy emphasis on the "g."

In other news: I took an advil today and didn’t freak out. Yay for me!

Last night, we went to dinner for the first time with Ashlee’s sweetie-pie, Scott. We went to Claimjumper. Ashlee’s Scott is well-mannered and funny and seems very easygoing. We were talking about television and he said he tries to stay away from the tv and do more reading. I approve.

After dinner, we played Apples to Apples, a game where you match word cards. Ashlee’s Scott was the judge on one round where the main card was "Important." Everyone puts in a card face down that they hope the judge will think most closely matches the main card. Someone put down "Rocket Scientist." Well, we all knew my Scott put that down, him being a scientist. I pretended to whisper, "Suck up to the dad. Suck up to the dad," and Ashlee’s Scott ended up picking the scientist card, which we all got a good laugh out of.

Then we gave him a tour of the house and showed him all the furniture and things my Scott had made. I jokingly told Ashlee’s Scott that if they ever moved in together, she would expect him to build all of their furniture. He said the closest he could come was to assemble something bought at Ikea, and even that was iffy.

shhh - don't tell ashlee

Scott's side of the family is having a big birthday party for Aunt Sally today, but I didn't go because I'm still sick. Ashlee just called here, and she knew nothing about it. I told her, "Well, I guess you're not invited." We were laughing about it. Maybe people are so used to her being gone that they don't think to invite her, or maybe they thought Scott would tell her. Not sure.

I put 15 houses on the Sims site last night, and less than 24 hours later, I have gotten a total of 429 downloads. Wow.

star trek, queer eye, and mission impossible

I've been watching a lot of television lately. Actually, that's all I've been doing in between trying to sleep and mostly failing. Here are some things I've noticed over the last few days:

Gates McFadden's acting skills are abysmally nonexistent. Next Generation is possibly my favorite Star Trek, yet I previously failed to notice the horror's of Dr. Crusher's feeble attempts at performing. Probably because she never had that much to do in most episodes. I watched one recently where she was the central character of the plot. Insanely melodramatic, overdone, and not believable at all. I was unpleasantly surprised. Oh well, at least she's pretty.

Kyan Douglas, grooming guru on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, is looking mighty fine lately. His new look (facial stubble and shades) is one I usually find cheesy, but he pulls it off nicely. I know he's not playing for my team, but he's still fun to look at.

Weirdly, I have also been noticing that Peter Graves has pretty eyes, nice lips, and a rugged, manly way about him. When I watched Mission Impossible as a kid, I just thought of him as an old man. Now I'm exactly the same age he was when he started portraying Jim Phelps on the show.

I will probably be posting more about Mission Impossible in future entries. I am intrigued and fascinated by its unique blend of timeless entertainment, unabashed cheesiness, and complete disregard for reality.

exploding toilet

Last night while we were watching television, we heard a loud sound, which I at first thought was our surround sound and Scott thought was the cat destroying something. It turns out it was the toilet exploding. Or rather a hose on the toilet breaking and water exploding all over the bathroom and out into the middle of the bedroom.

It was a good thing we were home or we could have been replacing a lot of carpet, not to mention our mattress. Scott was able to shut the valve off right away. So that was our excitement for the night.

Called in sick again. Managed to hold down a slice of bread and a little bit of soup yesterday. Finally finally got some sleep this morning. I think the most I got in a 24-hour period before that was 3 hours, and that was not in a row. I kept waking up choking on my own mucous. Now there's a lovely image for you.

I gained back 3 1/2 pounds since I stopped working out, but lost 4 1/2 from being sick. So any suffering I've gone through was totally worth it.

mission impossible

Scott and I watched an old Mission Impossible episode from 1967 last night. I love that show. Just think, if we didn’t have the internet, we’d have to communicate by hiding reel-to-reel exploding tape players in obscure places throughout the city. How cool would that be??

The Mission Impossible movies are a major disappointment to any true Mission Impossible fan. Where is the elite team of experts? Where is the complicated scheme that has the bad guys tricked into destroying themselves while the team quietly disappears with noone the wiser? Why does Tom Cruise’s character resemble James Bond more than any MI character? I don’t think they should even be allowed to use the title if they’re going to mess it up so completely.

Maybe someday someone will make a real Mission Impossible movie. Until then, I think I’ll just stick with tivoing the originals. I don’t need to waste my money on James Bond in disguise.
bunny ears

ashlee is back!

So Scott got home at midnight the other night. Poor guy. In his defense, he gets stuck in a clean room where there are no phones. But still - 9pm? Come on. Anyway, I love my husband, and I would feel bad if something happened to me and my last post was the "bonehead" post - haha. I ended up getting up when he came home, and we watched Medium together.

Ashlee came back to the states today!!!!! Scott was afraid she'd get the travel bug again and want to stay the summer in Europe, but she was homesick and wanted to come home. We are having a little party on Sunday.

It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to being home again (and not have the freedom of living in a dorm, sans parental units). It will be even more interesting to see how Scott adjusts to her having a boyfriend (whose name, incidentally, is also Scott).


Okay, the bonehead finally called me at 9pm. After I was completely stressed out, almost in tears, and ready to get in my car and come looking for him. That's just what I need right now...more stress. Thanks. Bonehead.

helped out sis today

I took a vacation day in order to help Marla out with the kids. It would have been less stressful to be at work. Kylie is very temperamental. My main job was to entertain her so that Marla could get other stuff done like take a shower and tend to Ryan.

Dad came over for a short time, too. We played T-ball. Since Kylie likes to run, I put some pieces of cardboard down for the bases and had her run around them after she hit the ball while I pretended to chase her, trying to get her out. My dad played, too, and made the mistake of actually tagging Kylie so that she was out, which caused her to throw herself on the ground and cry.

Kylie and I did have a nice time reading Marla's old children's books, including The Seven Diving Ducks, copyright 1940. All of the pages in that book are torn at the bottom, and I told Kylie that her mama must have torn them when she was little. It was Kylie's job to turn the pages, and each time she did, she would point out the torn page and say, "Bad mama."

Kylie's nose is extremely runny, and her mom had a hard time getting her to take her medicine. Marla told her it would stop her nose from running. She finally took it, and immediately after, pointed at her nose and told us it was still running. She thought it would work instantaneously.

By the end of the day, Kylie was asking her mom, "Why is Aunt Edie here so long?" She's not used to me visiting for such a lengthy amount of time.

Marla's neighbors are making her family dinner Tuesday through Friday this week, so I left around 4:00, thinking I'd beat the rush hour traffic and have dinner with Scott. He still is not home and has not called and it's 8:00. He has never waited this long to call. I am both worried and ticked off.
bunny ears

does that count as chivalry?

My husband, Scott, and I were watching a commercial where a man takes off his jacket and lays it across a puddle for a woman to walk across. I asked him if he'd do that for me, and he said, "Sure, if I was wearing your jacket."